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Pre-Construction Services

The intent is to work with the project’s owner to help deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s objectives. In addition to estimating, the pre-construction team participates in design decisions, evaluations, studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, constructability reviews, and more. Design costs, permitting, land acquisition, and life-cycle costs may also be evaluated.

What is pre-construction?Pre-construction

The initial phase of the project can serve as a layout to the entire design and schedule of the project. This a first phase of planning is known as pre-construction. These are preliminary planning and engineering services that are offered by Viking Construction Group before the project or job even begins. During this initial planning stage, we identify potential issues, plan and schedule the job, understand the layout, design, and scope of the job, cost estimation, and the analysis of the certain needs or equipment for the project.

Successful pre-construction can help you decide if we are the construction company for you and your job. As our client, we, the contractor, agree to work with you to make sure that the job is viable, within your budget, and feasible for the space provided.

These pre-construction services depend on a number of factors when it comes to budgeting for the job. These include the type of job, location, and the general scope of the project. Pre-construction costs are typically separate from the actual construction. Figuring out ahead of time if the project will fit into your budget or if it’s even feasible is a much less costly direction then realizing you are not happy with the work while it’s being done or completed.

The pre-construction process.

This pre-construction process is crucial to the entire construction job. Also referred to as “design phase”, pre-construction can give owners and clients a full understanding of scheduling, the cost, and design of the project. Success can often be determined by the pre-construction phase before any work has been completed.

We don’t want this to be a daunting task for our clients so after meeting with you and/or clients as well as the general contractor, everyone will get a better sense of who we all are, what we stand for, and how we operate. We want to get a better understanding of your your clients needs and wants, goals and objectives, and make sure everyone’s on the same page for the vision on the project.

We will develop an initial design, go over everything with you, and help visualize the project. After there’s an assessment of engineering to look at the existing conditions of the space provided or construction site. We will check on existing components such as plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems. Then there’s cost estimating. We will put together preliminary construction budget based on the design, the scope of the project, and the engineering assessment. We will form a responsibility matrix to identify all vendors, equipment, and materials needed. We will define an initial schedule of the project and about how long things will take.

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Throughout everything, we will provide guidance and leadership to the highest level of our customer service standards. You are welcome to ask questions at any time or throughout the pre-construction process.

The main goal of pre-construction will provide the scope, schedule, and estimated costs of the project. With all of these elements accurately outlining the job, the client and the construction group have a clear expectation going into the construction project.

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