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Repair & Restoration Services


25 plus years of experience brings forth the knowledge and expertise necessary in budgeting, planning, and performing of Repair and Restoration projects at all levels.

Viking Construction Group is involved in many Successful repair projects both past and present and will continue to provide these services to the Pacific Northwest for many years to come.

We recognize the challenges that exist with occupied buildings and use our experience to plan accordingly resulting in a high-quality product.


Repair and/or Restore:

As a fully equipped general construction and contracting company, Viking Construction Group is available for any residential and commercial restoration project. Whether you’re needing repair after an emergency or looking to restore older homes and businesses to their former glory, Viking Construction Group manages all your construction and remodeling needs. Our company secures building permits, manages personnel on-site, and operates safely and efficiently.

Commercial restoration

Whether your business has been through water, fire, wind, or other catastrophic emergencies, we can either rebuild from the ground up or salvage any and all building materials and possible fixtures and features to get you up and running as quickly as possible. There’s no commercial restoration project too large or too small. Our team has years of experience and we understand there are certain materials you may not be able to part with. Our goal is to get those special pieces back, up and running, and in usable condition as much as possible.

Residential restoration

Viking Construction Group is a licensed and insured certified general contractor where we warranty and guarantee our workmanship. Our on-staff repair experts pride themselves in customer service, restoration satisfaction, and we guarantee our repairs.

Whether you are looking to remodel an older or vintage historical home to its former glory, repair or rebuild after water or fire damage, or looking for a major remodel to bring the home you’ve always loved into the home of your dreams, Viking Construction Group is here to make those restoration dreams come true.

The differences between commercial construction and residential construction

The construction industry is made up of several different facets all providing the necessary services for either a business or a residential home. We handle both commercial and residential restoration and repair projects. This includes keeping up with the latest codes and permits for each particular municipality and where the structure is being restored or built. For commercial, there are additional codes and permits connected to the commercial market. Safety factors, certifications, and IT concerns are some of the top factors when it comes to commercial construction.

The residential market generally relies on wood when it comes to materials during construction whereas commercial buildings may use steel. Our relationship with suppliers helps ensure consistent work is being performed on every job. Our team is equipped with properly trained certifications and personnel so that we use our equipment safely and in the most efficient manner possible.

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