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Why More Companies are Looking for Offices with Creative Space – Today’s office spaces are changing, they look very different than they once did just a decade ago. Maybe you have seen the comical play on creative workspaces in movies and on tv shows or have heard about them in business news. For example, Google offers a 24/7 sushi bar, Boeing has an on-site coffee house, Huffington Post reserves rooms just for napping, while other companies are investing in workout studios.  Why More Companies are Looking for Offices with Creative Space

The demand for these creative workplaces is quickly growing, but what is driving companies to seek out office space with added perks?  

Technology is Changing the Workplace 

It is very hard to find an office space without any modern technology. From simply running a website to voice-activated smart assistants the world of technology is constantly changing and with it so are the demands and expectations of consumers for smooth and super-fast service. To keep up with the demand businesses are finding new ways to make technology work for them so that they can continue to have work.  

Spaces that offer easy to use and up to date technology are intriguing and spaces that offer the ability to run needed technology are also highly sought after. 

A Growing Remote Workforce 

What do people working at home have to do with the demand for office amenities? Remote work is at an all-time high. The amount of employees who are trading in the office and commute to work from their own home is growing rapidly. Companies wanting to compete with work at home jobs need to create office environments that will pull employees out of the comfort of their own homes. Creative spaces are being built to bring employees back to the office. They create a place that someone wants to leave their home.  

More Companies are Investing in Employee and Office Well-Being 

In previous years work was a place that you clocked in, got your expected duties done, and clocked back out again. Today more and more companies are realizing the value of healthy employees and making sure they feel acknowledged as human beings, not human doings. The workplace environment plays a big role in employee health and overall happiness.  

Having happy employees has proved highly beneficial for companies that have moved to incorporate benefits programs, education programs, and creative workspaces. Employees that look forward to going to work every day are proven to be more productive and stick around longer.   

There are many reasons companies are making the move for more lively office environments. If you are looking to incorporate more creative space into your office building we can help you formulate and build something perfect for your employees or your tenant’s employees.  Please contact us anytime, we provide expert office improvements in the greater Puget Sound