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New Amazon Jobs in Bellevue Bring Many New Developments to the City – According to an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal, Amazon, one of Washington State’s largest employers plans to bring an additional 15,000 jobs to the city of Bellevue in the following years to come.  

Most of these new jobs will be in their new 600-foot tall office tower that is currently underway for construction on 110th Avenue in downtown Bellevue. The current number of Amazon’s Bellevue jobs is around 2,000, this project will bring in more than seven times the current employment opportunity to Bellevue.  

This office tower, known as the Amazon Bellevue 600 campus, is just one of several buildings Amazon has planned for Bellevue. The tower is part of a two-phase project. The first building to be constructed will include an office tower with a meeting center at the base and the second phase will be a second tower that will replace the Bellevue Corporate Plaza that is currently right next to the Bellevue 600 campus. Also in the plans for the two buildings are a commons space, retail, potential daycare, underground parking garage, and outdoor public green space (plaza) for employees, visitors, and all residents of the city to enjoy.  

These new buildings will be just half a mile from the new Sound Transit Link Light Rail station. (talked about in a previous blog) All of Amazon’s Bellevue buildings will be within a 10-minute walk from each other.  

Amazon says it is expanding its presence in Bellevue after a battle with the city of Seattle over a head tax that would tax the payroll of high-salaried employees to address the city’s homeless population issues. The city of Seattle has withdrawn that tax proposal. Amazon has also opened its own privately run homeless services center in Seattle 

With all of the buzz and new construction coming from Amazon, there are also a number of large-scale developments planned for Bellevue. Many companies are beginning to develop mixed-use towers with retail, hotel, condo, and office spaces.  

As the city expands and changes with the new job opportunity so will the demand for living spaces close to work in the downtown area. Some developers have caught onto this and are already gearing up with mixed-use building projects. This will also put a bit of demand on older condo buildings to update and offer what the newer high rises will be offering to residents.  

Some luxury buildings will be able to stand the test of time as they have offered timeless luxury and high-level amenities that residents have come to love. Other buildings may need to look into some updates, renovations, and changes to stay competitive with the rest of the housing market available to employees that are moving into and are new to the Bellevue area.  

With all of this change, one thing is for certain, growth is coming to Bellevue and it should be positive for the city’s economy. City officials are excited about the future growth of the city and are “working together as a community to address our residents’ needs,” according to Mayor Lynne Robinson. 

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New Amazon Jobs in Bellevue Bring Many New Developments to the City