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The American Pet Products Association (APPA) says that 68% of American households own at least one pet. Of that 68%, 48% own a dog. Some buyers are even looking for homes with pet- friendly features before kid-friendly ones.  

If you are designing your own home you have the advantage of putting pet-friendly features into your home, so that your furry family member will end up loving it just as much as you do. Here are some pet-friendly design features to think about including in your design plans to make life easier for both of you.  

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Fewer Stairs 

As cats and dogs age it is harder for them to move around (we humans run into the same trouble). Aging pets can have a number of ailments that make going up and down the stairs more difficult like joint problems, poor vision, or hip dysplasia. Fewer stairs make it easier for a pet to get around. Or maybe just fewer stairs where they would be hanging out most of the time.  

Secure Outdoor Space 

A must for dogs that need plenty of time to get out and play and even cats that have been de-clawed. Outdoor living spaces that are fully fenced in allow you to just open the door and let them go have fun. Even better: design an outdoor living area that both you and your pet can enjoy together.  

Easy Clean Floors 

Adding a pet to the home means adding adventure. The more adventure that happens inside and around your home, the more likely an accident/stain or two. We are not just talking about potty training issues: there is muddy paws, knocked over food, scratching, shedding, etc. When looking at flooring you will want to consider options that do not scratch easily, are stain-resistant, durable, and maybe even slip-resistant.  

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A Place All Their Own 

Some people have created a space in their home just for their pets to relax and call their own. This can include an area to put their bed and favorite toys, it can be a nook to house a decorative crate, or some have even created a room just for their pets.  

Location, Location, Location  

The place in which you have your home built can also play a big role in making your pet ownership easier. You may want to build on a large lot to allow your furry friends to roam. There are master-planned communities that offer pet-friendly community amenities including dog parks and green spaces. Or you may just want to find a space near city pet-friendly community spaces such as dog parks or hiking trails.  

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The team at Viking can help you to build or find a pet-friendly and family-friendly home you will love for many years to come. Check out our pre-construction page or contact us anytime for more information.  

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